Sunday, September 28, 2008

Embarked on writing!

As Novelist Toni Morrison puts it "If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." .......So here I am, with a dream to write a book.

How about writing about myself ? But then why would anyone be interested in my story ? well thats for yall to wait and watch. How about writing about friends, the men and women i 've known over the years and their lives. More importantly I wanna write for myself, without worrying about the language or the theme or the accuracy of details. Right now am on a research, browsing for some interesting ideas to work on, which sure should have a touch of verisimilitude, like the right amount of spices you add in to make your biriyani delicious.

Looking forward to turning raw words into something I can be proud of. Wish to create a book thats really entertaining. Will I be able to feel the words if I key them in onto the lappie, or should I try writing them down on a paper ? Hey, I got something to think on...

A good writer should be a good reader first , right ? so wat am I doing here .....lemme grab a book and read on ......b bak soon !

Hey so yall 've fun on a sunday and am hoping that my dream would materialise someday :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tip of the Day !

The morning air is so crisp
So is my breakfast cookies

Here comes my online friends
For our routine session of chit-chat

Another weekend's hangover ?
oh! learn to beat the monday morning blues

Me taking a break in between the household chores
And you amidst the piled up files

You talk about testing the s/w
And me on the menu for the day

Thus we share our thoughts
And learn a lota things each day

We have our share of laugh
And wish eachother a good day

So here I am, fully charged up for whatever lies ahead .....

Buddies, note down the tip of the day "Keep chatting and Feel Energized" !!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Food and a Friend :)

I'm a foodie. I love food - I like to read about it - experiment it - cook it - review it ...

Well, in an online chat with my friend "D" on thursday morning, we happened to discuss abt the menu for the day. It was weekend special for us - Biriyani. According to me, a "biriyani" dish is rice with a mixture of whatever takes your fancy; in this case its chicken. The moment I mentioned the item, "D" made a request tht she wants to see a pic of my spl chicken here it comes.....

We enjoyed eating it !!! Have any tried this? Even if you haven't - let me know what you think abt this one !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy B'Day 2 ME !

Happy Birthday to ME :)..hope to 've a pleasant day and moreover hope to recv some nice gifts too ;)....heard tht friends ????

Being so far away from home, am missing all the fun ...i even forgot abt my b'day until 'S' woke me up at 12am and greeted me with a beautiful card. It was so thoughtful of him!!! Thank You Chweetie :)

Today, things are different. The first thing I notice as I log into Orkut is the long list of birthdays every single day; an ego shattering little reminder that every single person has a birthday and probably thinks it's just as special as yours. Do i sound selfish ??? Yes I'm ! Really, it isn't that I want more attention than the others, I just feel that it's our lives outside of the convenience of the Internet that really counts. I mean, how often do you even get real tangible birthday cards from someone other than your P'n P (Parents and Partner) ???? u agree ??? The next time you spot an upcoming birthday on your Orkut page, u sure will think of ME ;)

Do you buy yourself a Birthday gift ?? Yes, I 've done it, but its a gift for yourself with friends money ;). Well long time bak during my college days, oh how I enjoyed selecting gift for myself. We, a gang of 5 would go to nearby Archies Gallery and wud browse and buy the best one you can put ur hands on with the available resource (yeah, we used to collect money and buy a GG-Group Gift on each ones B'Day) was real fun. Miss Yall gals !

Birthday isn't juz a day

That comes and hurries by-

It's a time for me to say

'Thank You' to all my friends

For wishing so well today.

I really wouldnt be here without you guys. Love Yall :))

And Finally, thanks to internet bhagvan and the ppl involved in the invention of tht i can recv umpteen online greetings :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oraayiram Ponnonashamsakal !!! (Happy ONAM)

Wish yall a very

Happy,'n Prosperous

Healthy 'n wealthy

Colourful 'n funfilled Onam!

I'm reminded of a popular song which narrates the glories of a period of peace and plenty in the distant past when King Mahabali (an asura-demon) ruled over the land of kerala..."Maveli Nadu Vaneedum Kalam Manusharellarum Onnu Pole"...i sincerely hope for a future of equality, prosperity and social justice !

Without doubt the most delicious part of this grand festival is Onasadhya :)...hey friends, do remember this dear friend here b4 u start gorging the lip smacking meal.
Amma...miss ur onasadhya....thinking abt it made me drool ;)


Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary ..a day for reminiscing!

~Thank You Lord ~

Time goes on changing

So does the state of mind

Substituting worries for happiness

And joy for sorrow

The pleasure derived from those happy moments outweigh

the burden of disappointments

Thank you Lord for dealing justly and

pray to you to be the centre of our relationship always !!!


Each moment with you

has been a new experience.

A will to love has

brought me this far.

We 've had our share of rippled calms

that always doubled the joy

We 've been through turbulence in the past

but it has not changed my love for u.

I thank you on this day

for sticking by my side :)

May our love for each other continue to grow..........

And yeah...thank you for the wonderful gift ;) Love U, Darling!!!!!

Trapped in the mirror !

After I knew I would be getting new glasses, I decided I needed a new hair cut to go with my new glasses. So I tried the normal step-cut this time, though not sure if it is the best choice, anyways I love the cut! To tell yall the truth i really got bored with my previous hairstyle. Long straight hair with short fringes in the front. I 've had this haircut since childhood. I shoulg gain the guts to tell this to my mom. Ye know wat....i think i did spenx a li'l longer time in front of the mirror this morning....admiring my new, pls don't label me a narcist ;)...well am not one ! But i really like the new look. Changing look for a change !!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

the new "intellectual" look !

Does 'the glasses make the person '???... like 'the clothes make the man'......

I 've been suffering from severe eye strain and blurred vision which no doubt is caused by excessive computer use and so now I fall under the category of CVS - Computer Vision Syndrome. well I was forced to consult an eye specialist at this point, after a comprehensive eye examination it was determined that i 've astigmatism. so am advised to wear correction glasses. 've selected a fancy featherlight frame and 've placed the order for the am i gonna 've a Dr.k look now???((@least i can pretend to be an intellect, duh)) Now look, am not worried abt how well its gonna help me see the world, am worried abt how the world sees me !!!!

Do ye guys use ur lappie for more than 3 hrs in a day ? here r some tips to reduce strain ...jus 4 u !

1)First, rub your hands together until they feel warm (about 15 to 20 seconds). Then place your cupped hands over your closed eyes, being careful not to touch your eyes with the palms of your hands. Don't apply pressure.
2)Hold your thumb six inches from your nose. Focus on your thumb. Take one deep breath and exhale slowly. Then focus on an object about 10 feet away. Take another deep breath and slowly exhale. Repeat back and forth.
3)Sitting or standing at one end of a room, let your eyes scan around the objects in the room - clocks, televisions, doors, lights, computers, etc. The object of this exercise is to keep your eyes moving in a loose and fluid way.
4)Slowly and gently roll your head around to the left, then back, keeping your shoulders still and relaxed. Make your movements slowly, carefully and deliberately. Now repeat the same to the other direction as well.

Thats all for now.Wish me good luck looking fwd to better vision :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Luck mothers :)

Can kids handle funky food combinations ? my answer being "NOT ALWAYS" !

Well here is the proof ;)

My son gets bak home early from school dis days...'coz of ramadan. And am in a hurry to feed him lunch before he starts his hunt for custards and chocolates in the fridge. This is the point where me and my hubby get into an argument. He doesn't like me forcing the kid to eat. He says he 'll come to you when hez hungry. U know how fustrating it can be to try to get him to eat especially when hez a fussy eater. Anyways i was happy for being successfull this time. Excellent, he loved my daal curry, spinach as well as fish fry....surely i 'll make them again and again...otherwise its red beetroot curry thats his standard choice.
My idea of offering a dessert as a reward was foolish this time :(. well the lil one didn't stop at that. He was particularly looking for his favourite choco-hazelnut spread jar. In no time he found the jar and he was like yayy....even i love tastes awesome!!..oh my god....and he didn't stop with one spoon. he went on and on until he flew down the hall to the bathroom. he jus threw up !!!!This is exactly what happens when u stuff more on top of an already overloaded stomach.
Put all of those things together and you have the perfect recipe for vomiting. I wanted to scream at him but then felt really sorry for him so i gently explained to him that, although he didn't do it intentionally, what he ate made him sick. Though he felt irritated , he came bak to me saying i love u u too darling :)

Good luck mothers !!!