Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back with an omelette note !!!

Back with an omelette note !!

 Never thought an egg could bring back all the fond childhood memories. Well I would say its the unbeatable combination of rice, sambar, yoghurt , coconut chammandi and kondattam(crisps) along with the simple and easily made egg omellete that made it all possible this afternoon. I was just a 5th grader when I started exploring my culinary skills, all thanks to my amma who gave us daughters the liberty to explore and learn and grow independent at such a young age. That too not just in the kitchen but in every aspects of our lives. We three girls at home would come out with three different recipes for an egg omelette. when one dumps in all the chopped onions and green chilly the other would bring out a rare combi of jeera and scraped coconut and the third one makes it really plain and simple with just a pinch of salt. wow ! And all this dramatic cooking experiments happen mostly when amma and acha goes to the native place to attend some family function and we are forced to stay back 'coz of school.
Sorry for not posting a pic ( i know that would have been real toruture ;) , all coz of lack of patience and moreover the irresistible craving to devour . 

well everyone , sorry for the long break. Here am back with a flashback...

More to follow....

lotsa love,