Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catch the i...............

Too much to say, too much to talk abt, think abt and write too. To blog it all ….but then again I’m human and I’m afraid of being judged.

It’s really late ….except the whirrin of my pc, there is not a sound to be heard. I need to get up early to take my driving lessons. Inspite of owning a driving licence for a very long time I ‘ve never put my hands on the wheel. Never knew tht driving is sucha a demanding task. Especially during the rush hours my body start to tense up and my patience begin to dwindle. But with time I sure shall enhance my drving skills. Drivers, pls drop in ur tips for this starter ;-)

Anyways am enjoying zooming around on my i10 with the favorite music on or a radio station with soothing music, like how shahrukh khan is seen on the i10 advt. As the saying goes ..Grr8 minds think alike ? or act alike ? heehe

So finally, wear the seat belt, wish u guys a happy ‘n safe driving !!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

U 'n Me

You and Me
Nothing but a minute particle in this unending vastness

Seeking the source of being…
Believed to be found once when the heart reaches purity

No dark clouds can ever cover the brightness of a sunshine
Neither the dark thoughts can hide the inner light

Forget all your thoughts and worries
And let the inner prayer be echoed

No more brooding over days of sadness and silent tears
Because they are just a passing phase.

But we should hold on to the truth within
To be blessed with strength that lasts forever.

Continue the search until you reach your destination.
Thus finding ourselves
Finding GOD !