Sunday, December 13, 2009

Power Play :-)

This post is a dedication to all Badminton lovers. I happened to play the game this evening aftr so many years. Once u start playing the game, you get addicted ! It is always a good exercise. I started playing the game when I was strong enough to swing the rackets ie during my high school days. we had a good team around and we used to take turns and play singles as well as doubles accordingly, though the game we play is not the real one.

Have heard some refer to the sport as a pointless chase of cork and feather. But it is a gr8 sport that requires gr8 endurance, vigorus cardio motion, fast pace, strategic play, power, finesse, and technique. On top of that, i got a gr8 neighbour who shares the same interest with me. How can u not love it ? It is really a fun sport !!!!