Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To dream or not to dream

The movie "2012" was a visual treat. Roland Emmerich is known for such films and u never know what hes gonna blow up next. Still u knew its juz fiction. Its when such stuff really happens ur really scared. I mean how would you react if u knew that one intersection was fully swallowed in Guatemala or some drivers had a close shave with death when the highway opened up below them???Dont believe??Juz have a look ...

The phenomenon is called "sink holes" and they juz pop up in least suspected areas afer a major storm. The incident where u see the SUV happened when a man-hole collapsed cos of a storm. Well to give u some relief, none of the above incidents had injuries.
The reason these things came to my mind is cos of the debate now raging about a film i saw recently, "Inception". Its about dreams and the hero is a thief skilled in stealing other persons dreams, or u can say meddling with their dreams. The film was like any other ordinary film with some spectacular CGI effects. Was wondering why it took Nolan 10 yrs to make the film. Then came some highly mind-bending reviews. Have read lota reviews, but never such great debate after a film is released. The funny thing is that i thought its really a stupid idea to see a film again to understand it. But this film is really worth a second viewing. You see it is to clear the blur between dream and reality....ie which scenes are real and which are not. The scenes where hero's wife is shown jumping of a hotel room and the scene in a chase when he gets stuck between two walls are classic dream sequences, even though they are shown to be real. The first scene is really strange cos shes sitting on the window ledge opposite their room and hes telling her to come back by waving his hand towards the room, even though this is impossible cos the only way to do that is to jump. These two scenes are the main points of argument to convince us that the whole film is a dream. Reason???Its juz to show that film making is about selling dreams....even the caption for the film is tricky...The scene of the crime is your mind...you decide!
Oops! Got carried away by Inception. But friends....do see it! Films about dreams should be more spell binding. Just thought Nolan could have used stuff like sink-holes and zombies and all to scare us more. Thats where it disappointed me. A black couple also still trying to decide if they are dreaming when their third child turned out to be white, with blue eyes and curly blonde hair. Doctors are as baffled as the parents and doing genetic research to find the reason. The baby's siblings are not amused.