Friday, February 26, 2010

The Customer is King !

How many times do u walk into ur local bakery in a week ? it's almost daily in my case as i 've a 6 yr old kid. But am also very much tempted by these cakes and stuff. Know many must b 'ving lota advise for me " Beware, if u eat too much ..u 'll get fat and ugly". Well thts not the topic for 2day. then wat ? Ok first tell me how you guys wud react if u get ripped off in a shop ? mosta of you may not go bak to tht shop again and even might tell everyone not to buy stuff frm there , rite ? Now here is my story....I am a regular customer of this particular Bakery. Numerous times i found checking the labels(of course @ home )tht they 've over charged me . yea...they robbed me everytime I did shopping there. do you think I have said anything? yes u r rite, being an aggressive one i just could not ignore. It is common for shopkeepers to double the prices of products out of sheer greed or general wishful thinking. The best way to deal with this sort of situation is to be equally unreasonable. Grabbing courage from colleagues and friends i visited the shop again just to bring him back to reality. At the expense of my vocal cords i started questioning the shopkeeper tht too when the shop was really crowded. I know its a bad way to go about things, but he demanded the situation. And even before i started conversing the shopkeeper was getting ready to pay me the excess money which he took from me on several visits, which makes things pretty clear. Finally i stepped out in high spirits (i hate being cheated !!!! ), ofcourse wid my wallet filled and didn't forget to warn him tht i will b bak again often to check if hez any better at maths ;-).Primary strategy of any business shud be never dare to make the customer unhappy.

On tht note ....."happy shopping " and don't hesitate to leave a comment .....thanks to all for pouring in comments for the previous post . Good Job Sang ...luv u !

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wannabe chef, blogger, author

Well how to start....wanted to start my own blog b4...but after reading wifeys posts, realised am not upto it...but then found courage to ask her use her!!but shes gonna be there checking wat i post...if unedible, will change little stage fright!!well u have read about people using recipes online for cooking or getting help from friends..but have u heard of using spouse's blog for cooking???thts exactly wat i did and my room mate still frowning how i suddenly became an expert cook...means b4 really didnt know anything except make now making veg curry, fish curry, chicken, fish fry and wat darling, this post is for u....i mean all the posts...cos ur the inspiration....well if u allow me to continue...ambitions know no bounds....first wanted to be a film director....then thought of being an editor...then journalist...but now finally settled for author...

friends....havent u read all her poems posted??well it beats me how she does it! i mean so wonderful words and so meaningful.......and what prose can i beat that??but u know we can be like Jonathan & Faye Kellerman...they started doing books together...but for that my better half shud start a wat say???why i shud i be the one doing this...need to get out and let her that u all can read good stuff and i can get my recipes....