Monday, June 30, 2008

Life a Puzzle!!!

All set to solve the puzzle
that life offers each day
Be ready to accept the best and the worst
no matter what you gain
Once I wished to live longer
with you by my side
Now, after days of grief
I turn a deaf ear to the inner sobs
escaping through my breath
You came to me seeking forgiveness
repenting with hands outstretched
I hate the moment, I hate the day
I whispered a prayer in my mind
Oh Lord, please forgive him.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mama...come play with me :)

Hi Everyone looking for creative, fun ways to keep my son busy. Whenever i'm in the middle of something, my kitchen door opens and it would be none other than my sweetie pie, complaining that hez feeling bored. During holidays its really difficult to keep them occupied 'coz how long do u expect them to do the same thing over 'n over. Either they spend time in front of the TV or else would pass time with play station.

When we think of play today, the first thing that comes to mind are toys. But then should one waste money on useless toys ? One should go for some creative learning toy like a jigsaw puzzle. There are lota online interactive activities for various age groups, which kids would love to do.

Couple of days back when we went out shopping, sang bought for adi, Monopoly- junior edition. Thats' his first monopoly board game. Its really a fun game for children to play.It helps kids learn to take turns, follow directions, and learn basic counting skills. In many ways the game is just like Monopoly. The goal is to end the game with the most money. Cheers to Parker Brothers for reaching not only out with trendy variations of its flagship product (Star Trek, Pokemon Monopoly, etc.) but to the youngest players who would enjoy and learn from this beloved game.

Major advantage of the game being it could go on for hours and is sure to become a family favourite. I feel no home should b without it.

wish to pour in some idea ? share in the comments!

Happy Playing :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Nadan kerala karimeen porichathu (Pearlspot fish fry).

karimeen - around 4 nos

Red chilly pwd - 2 tsp

Turmeric pwd - 1/4 tsp

coriander pwd - 2 tsp

ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp

pepper pwd - 1/4 tsp

salt - to taste

curry leaves

lime juice - optional.

Scale clean the fish thoroughly. u may remove the skin if u wish.

Make deep slit on either side.

Make a mixture of the above ingredients,except oil and marinate the fish well, for an hour.

Heat coconut oil in a pan.

shallow fry till done.

serve it hot. oh yeah garnish it with onion rings........

Try it out and do post ur comments.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sleep becoming a stranger

Hope to get some sleep tonite.... i kinda started losing it lately. now don't think its a sleep disorder. this is wat led me to creation of a blogsite....actually the urge to do something productive and creative was developed during these sleepless nights. see there are inspirational miracles happening. But it is to those of you who thought I couldn't do it,It is you I thank the most. Because without you I wouldn't have tried!

Now I think I should go around ,fetch a book to read, or do something, but in the middle of the dark night, when all you want to do is sleep, it's hard to think straight. how about a coffee break ? guess wat am drinking a cup of rich-brewed coffee at this very moment. Its a known fact that caffeine can also interfere with normal sleep. but then sorry...i couldn't help it.

well I shud get back on track morning workout routine. The past few weeks i 've been in a real slump. I will try harder t'row.Its mainly 'coz of sang's night shifts; he 'll b sleeping and I 'll wake him up if am on my elliptical. I 've noticed that when u workout regularly, you set the pace for the rest of your day and will get a good nights' sleep. Remember my instructor's advice on how practice of yoga can help u sleep better. lets see how i go... pls friends keep me motivated....thank u all in advance.

Lemme sing a lullaby 4 myself...
Sleep, sleep,
come this way.
Let me sleep,
So I can start a new day...

Friends now its time to say good night, sleep tight, wake up bright :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm here to share something sweet

B4 u start reading- make sure u 've got a big bar of chocolate next to you....

Its one of the most satisfying habit tht i 've developed over the years.
i 've tried all kinds of yummy chocolate...u name it , i 've tried them all. The more i tasted the more i became addicted to this unique thing. I remember , during my childhood, dad used to bring dairy milk chocolates when he returns frm work and how i would eat them all in one sitting. wow how it dissolves 'n liquefy in the mouth.....u gotta experience it ..allow the chocolate to slowly melt on the tongue.

My hubby is the one who introduced me to umpteen brands of great tasting chocolates.Quality street chocolates are really yummy. All the flavours make my mouth happy.

Even while reading a book, u can hear the gentle nibbling noise and may find a secret stash of chocolate bar under my quilt. don't b surprised ;). And that there is no particular time associated with eating chocolate as all hours of the day and night are fair game. Am i a chocoholic ???? well praise the choccie god for that matter ! For anyone else out there with the same default habit ,then I hope reading this gives you inspiration.

Hats off to cadbury. Thats my all time favourite. The 'Real Taste of Life' campaign had many memorable executions, which people still fondly remember. However, the one with the "girl dancing on the cricket field" has remained etched in everyone's memory, as the most spontaneous & un-inhibited expression of happiness.Hey how can i miss out on cadbury 5 star....its another delightful experience.

gimme more..i luv it to death. anyone wish to join me for a research on how various chocolate tastes ......i assure u its a most enjoyable course of study.

I can go on and on and b continued....

Thanks for reading and I intend to keep writing as time allows.