Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tees Maar Khan

Farah Khan is a director following in the steps of Bollywood masala entertainers kings Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra. Her films are great fun and i love them. So fingers crossed for Dec 24th release of her TMK, without her fav. star, SRK. Or shud be ex-fav.star, cos as per the grapevine, the films a parody of SRKs star tantrums. Sirish Kunder, her hubby dear, is an old thorn in SRKs u know..so hes the script writer for the film. Akshay plays an actor and he constantly complaints of back pain and go for surgery to London, ala SRK and also when a Hollywood director comes to see him, make him wait for more than 4 hrs and then rejects. Anil Kapoor gets the role and wins an Oscar. This is what really happened when Danny Boyle approached SRK for Slumdog, except for the Oscar bit for AK. Well, sorry about the gossipping. Love to do that. But the main reason for the film is...u all know. Its the best item number ever choreographed in Indian film industry. The reasons not cos of any great song or choreographer. Its juz that the gal is Kat. Well b4 kids were asking "Dad, Choli ke peeche kya hai" or "Dad, Munni kyom badnam hui". Now they are asking "Dad, Sheela ki jawani kya hai?". The song is nowhere near good as the first 2. But man, does the temp. soar when its Kat doing the number! Guess this one song is gonna carry that film. So folks tayar ho jao for TMK and Kat! And mayb u will also not fail to notice the poor hero!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Been thinking about writing some excerpts from an imaginary book am working on. But like most times, persuaded otherwise cos of the news happening around. We read about crimes daily. Still this one caught the eye. It is something most of us have definitely seen in some movie or read about in a book. Anni & Shrien Dewani were on honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa. They arrived there on Friday and had gone out for dinner on Saturday evening and after dinner caught a taxi and asked the driver to take them to a nightlife hotspot. On the way the car was stopped by armed gunmen, who asked the driver to get out and then they sped with the car, with the couple inside. At midnight the husband was released and he quickly alerted the police and next morning the cab was found with Anni's body inside. The wedding took place just 2 weeks before.
The reason i thought about posting this is cos we all go to new places and get into taxis and drive around in the night. While in Thailand, we even had an incident when we were late and couldn't find our hotel and was at the mercy of the cabbie. But he was a nice guy and took pain in finding the right address. So ensure that you have studied about the place you are visiting. Dont try to explore places yourself without any info from your tour guide. As you might be knowing South Africa has got one of the worst crime rates in the world. But the world cup was conducted quite peacefully mainly cos these crimes happen in poor neighbourhoods. Unfortunately, while exploring a hot spot, the couple had to pass through one of these, and paid a heavy price. The title I borrowed from a movie about tourists in Brazil, who are kidnapped for their organs. But better watch "The Beach", starring Leonardo DiCaprio, which also got the same message, and still visually appealing. Still better, read that book.