Saturday, October 15, 2016

Nourishing thoughts

I just created and opportunity to see them close and observe. This is the first step to start forming a friendship with this amazing species. Finally our balcony got lucky, to have a bird feeder and a drinking bowl for the birds in the neighbourhood.  I was eagerly waiting and watching to find who shows up first. And here you see  in the picture is our  first lucky visitor. Trust me, its such a lovely sight. There was this small bird similar to a pigeon, with shimmering necks, nuances of grey and black in their feathers, curious eyes, and have to admit that they are doubtless creatures of a certain beauty and glamour. It is like we think we are observing them, but guess its the other way round, only if I could read their minds. "Is it the same thoughts?" I feel inclined to say "talk to me birdie"....

Now before I stop chirping, let me thank Vidya for inspiring me on having a bird feeder in our balcony too...

signing off for now ...coo ...coo  :-)

Scene 1, waiting area of a medical clinic .

I reach 10 minutes early for my 11am appointment. It's a good time pass these days waiting in the lounge as it's so crowded than an airport and you get to see different types of people. " Token No.521, room no.9, starts blinking on the display ". I hunt for my token and I hear my name being called .."Monica, Monica ...voice getting louder and louder"..I get up from my seat and hurry towards room no.9. Yes, I'm Monica. Well ma'am , I have to check your vitals first. Oh ! not again, just the thought of checking my weight pisses me off. Everything seems ok and I 'm back in my seat, a different one this time in between two young couples on either side of me. I have always loved observing people around me. The couple on my left were whispering to each other in Telugu, but the guy was humming a hindi song in bits and pieces. For a second I thought the lyrics of the song were intended at me. well, who cares ! And it was funny the way the couple in my right were pulling each other's legs. All my ears were on them trying to figure out what they were conversing in their language -kannada, I tell you, I had no clue. But yes, usage of few English words here and there in the conversation helped me to understand that the guy was telling his wife something about her nails and that she has not trimmed it in a while. I LOL in my mind and now turn my attention to the left duo. WoW ! Reallly ???? They both were sitting and calculating the last time she got her periods and I had this sudden urge to assist them being an experienced one in this regard. A nurse comes and interrupts them, "You are Sreelatha ? Next is your turn for the scan. Is your bladder full ?". Without letting his wife to respond, the guy asks," can I also b there to see the baby on the screen. ". Aww said my mind, what a moment in their life. They are gonna see their baby for the first time. I said a little prayer in my mind for the baby and the wonderful parents . I felt have known them for years. By then the token number flashed on the display and the lady on my left stood up to leave, she was pulling her husband too to accompany her along to the consulting room. He replies something to her in Kannada and changed his focus back to his mobile and stayed there. I felt like giving him that little push to send him with his wife. what a contrast, one guy wants to join the wife in the scan room. The other is totally not bothered. Token No.521, Room No.12 flashes.....

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Glory to six yards of grace !

My love for six yards of grace continue to grow stronger with age. The radiance, vigor and poise generated by this creative piece of cloth is beyond imagination. I owe a zillion thanks to my sissy for making saree draping so easy, its her initial guidance and techniques that has come handy each time I wear one. Every time I wore one, I have dragged many glares and received the best compliments ever. There is no garment more feminine and beautiful than a saree, if you drape it right. And yes, if you have a good shape, saree is the perfect garment to enhance the beautiful curves. why hesitate , stay proud of who you are and celebrate the woman in you in a very Indian attire. Well, this post is a dedicaton to you chechi....Sangeetha, who owns the best collection of sarees ( a personal note :- courier few for your best sister )
#saree  #celebratingwomanhood

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back with an omelette note !!!

Back with an omelette note !!

 Never thought an egg could bring back all the fond childhood memories. Well I would say its the unbeatable combination of rice, sambar, yoghurt , coconut chammandi and kondattam(crisps) along with the simple and easily made egg omellete that made it all possible this afternoon. I was just a 5th grader when I started exploring my culinary skills, all thanks to my amma who gave us daughters the liberty to explore and learn and grow independent at such a young age. That too not just in the kitchen but in every aspects of our lives. We three girls at home would come out with three different recipes for an egg omelette. when one dumps in all the chopped onions and green chilly the other would bring out a rare combi of jeera and scraped coconut and the third one makes it really plain and simple with just a pinch of salt. wow ! And all this dramatic cooking experiments happen mostly when amma and acha goes to the native place to attend some family function and we are forced to stay back 'coz of school.
Sorry for not posting a pic ( i know that would have been real toruture ;) , all coz of lack of patience and moreover the irresistible craving to devour . 

well everyone , sorry for the long break. Here am back with a flashback...

More to follow....

lotsa love,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

monday morning drama ...

For no specific reason decided to go to the bus stop lil late today whereas everyother day we
reach lil early to enjoy the sun and yes to have a round of chit chat with the bus
stop buddies :-) I was caught up with some interesting conversation that it took me sometime
to realise that I put the wrong uniform for Adi inspite of seeing other kids moving around in PE
uniform. Before I could explain to him an excuse to tell his teacher he was already heading back home to change . Goshhhh....I started to get really nervous and all of sudden i was running fast ....really fast and in record time he was ready in his PE uniform and we got bak to the bus stop right on time.That was one hell of a race ........
how much ever well organised you are , sometimes it happens !
All through the way I was screaming at Adi on top of my
voice ...and am not proud of it ! Feeling terribly guilty now ! Inner voice says "take it easy lady, lighten up !
so sorry my darling :-( ..... have a great day at school honey :--) !!!
Now that I've unburdened myself, I feel so much better-thanks for listening/reading :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


woke up wondering how the day is gonna b
my love greeted me with a tight great morning hug
looking at the vast blue sky up above
I started my routine walk with so much hope
wind brushed my hair with gentle care
smiled at me and sang on my ears
my dreams would sure come true
I cant help but smile
it's magical ....beautiful !!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kissing the rain :--)

Rain fell in torrents and,
am lost in thoughts with the swaying trees...

Oh rain god, how do I thank you,
for bringing back the magical feeling...

The cool breeze brushing away my hair,
am amazed at the sight of showers softening verdure...

The rain is back again to purify the heart and the soul,
and am loving the rain drops perform a dance on the roof...

The rhythm of the heart is well blended with the rhythm of falling rain,
We 'll walk together forever, hand in hand, when it is still raining !!!!!!