Sunday, October 23, 2011

monday morning drama ...

For no specific reason decided to go to the bus stop lil late today whereas everyother day we
reach lil early to enjoy the sun and yes to have a round of chit chat with the bus
stop buddies :-) I was caught up with some interesting conversation that it took me sometime
to realise that I put the wrong uniform for Adi inspite of seeing other kids moving around in PE
uniform. Before I could explain to him an excuse to tell his teacher he was already heading back home to change . Goshhhh....I started to get really nervous and all of sudden i was running fast ....really fast and in record time he was ready in his PE uniform and we got bak to the bus stop right on time.That was one hell of a race ........
how much ever well organised you are , sometimes it happens !
All through the way I was screaming at Adi on top of my
voice ...and am not proud of it ! Feeling terribly guilty now ! Inner voice says "take it easy lady, lighten up !
so sorry my darling :-( ..... have a great day at school honey :--) !!!
Now that I've unburdened myself, I feel so much better-thanks for listening/reading :)


devi said...

it is true kavi.. sometimes we loose out...

Rajesh said...

You need to start writing again K