Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yet another day....

Today like any other day started off pretty well with the routine rejuvenating walk and a glass of cold orange drink seemed to give me a whole lot of energy to kick start the day.

While dressing up my sweet li'l pie, as always I came across a lota queries and amazing thoughts.Trust me the best lessons in life and the best ideas you gain from your lil ones. So keep ur eyes and ears open when you are with them. They are amazingly wonderful treasures who can unbelievably inspire you.They have no concept of the right time or the right place. Each moment is an opportunity for them to live life at its fullest. Thank u sweety for the positive vibe you transfer every morning which I very much require.

So far so good. But a friend's mood swing changed the entire high spirit you woke up with and how u started off your day. But when you have experienced a great deal of tensions in life, each additional disturbance is both unbearable and trifling. It's all just a passing shadow of a cloud that moves on, never to stay forever. But it took me time till end of the day to gladly accept and tolerate the whole turbulence.

Well now am back home rewinding the day and would wish to rewrite the script with changes here and there. But there is no going back, thats the way of life.

Life's routines overwhelm us and we forget to live each moment fully...Better late than never....!!!

Wishing you all a goodnite's sleep and wake up to life's many surprises :-)