Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Christmas Carol

Well its time for the most universal of festivals...its really a joyous time and no other event make u feel more nostalgic..well, at least for me...Christmas means the novel Dickens made a household name. The novel which we first encountered in school, still gives you something to ponder about...I remember the times when we were taught this and how it really felt so close to our starts with the Ghost of Christmas Past and takes Scrooge to his boyhood and youth...then comes the Ghost of Christmas Present. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to come, takes Scrooge to future which looks very bleak. In the last act, Scrooge wakes up, a changed man, with joy and love in his heart. A simple tale of transformation of a man...but its a wonderful fairy tale. If you really forgot this, its time to revisit the classic again.
Really dont know nowadays how much meaning the novel can give to our kids. When there are cartoon characters like Ben-1o, who fight aliens and stuff, will the kids be interested in such a tale? But u can really show them the 2009 Disney film by the same name and they will love it. So heres wishing you all A VERY HAPPY X'MAS & A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!