Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ugly Ellie

It happens only in US!!A week before, the world's ugliest dog died, aged 17!!When i saw the headline was really curious....Expecting a really ugly dog, was shocked to see a poor old dog...the news confirmed what i was having cataract in both eyes, only some back teeth and pimples all over the body!!And the most ironic thing was the owner was shown as Florence Nightingale for her efforts in bringing a dog from wilderness into the spotlight!!I mean surely she did the right thing in buying it from the previous owner who had no use for the dog. But why she didnt make Ellie participate in a normal dog show??? If she knew the truth, the dog would have chased the owner with wat remaining teeth she had!!!I mean would they cast a really ugly actress as "ugly Betty"??? Its out of the question!!Maybe am in the minority here....but i really only felt pity for Ellie!!Before i go further, juz wat the owner had to say about this was she really wanted to show that pet owners should not always go for looks...well, that one i agree!!

While we are on pets, some people love to keep pythons and a boa constrictor killed his owner by juz being playful...he juz squeezed his owner's neck, again in US....our Mallika Sherawat was in Cannes with these slithering pets to promte her movie HhiSs, little knowing the pitfalls.....

Last week also saw a small fox climb the stairs of an affluent home in London, walk into the bedroom where nine-month old twins were sleeping in their crib and mauled them. Fortunately the twins' mother heard their screams and arrived in the nick of time. People were of the belief these things happened only in rural places in developing countries.

To end on a good note, a favorite old movie has been remade with a fav. talking about The Karate Kid....while in school, the movie really was a blockbuster and made me wanna learn karate, but parents forbid. Ralph Macchio and Elizabeth Shue were really am gonna watch the new version cos it stars Jackie Chan!!Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith, also there. For those of u who missed the original one, dont miss this one!!Story is about a kid being in a new place and falling in love with an elder girl and thus garnering the attention of the local bully. How he learns to fight, with the help of his building janitor and truimphs is the story...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ignorance is Bliss

To start with a cliche, knowledge is power. But going by the headlines we get nowadays, cant blame if u skip the news altogether. Near misses, major accidents, tornados, tsunamis...oh the list is endless...Turn to ur inbox and forwarded mail is the only thing u get and then u realise, wasnt old fashioned snail mail better??Its the guys who really think all the spam they get is the gospel truth and bring out their own versions that make u scratch ur head...the latest one's that the cause for all recent air crashes was some guy forgetting to turn off his not contesting the fact that communications get hampered by use of mobile devices...but isnt it a
little far fetched????and why would u put ur name under such a claim and forwarded it to one and all????...well then we got people warning not to eat KFC, dont drink colas, do not use shampoos, dont use hair-bands...well to clarify the last one, it says at least not from China, reason???cos its used condoms they use inside!!! how they get these used condoms by such bulk quantity is a mystery....well then this site claiming to dispel such urban legends says its not used ones u stupid...its juz faulty at least they agree its condoms....and dont forget the creepy ones....HIV syringes left in cinehall seats pointed towards the approaching bums....rat piss in cans....really do we need this stuff???and wat about those sadistic ones....real life accident pics with guys or gals without arms or legs or even heads from the spot itself, ironically posted by the emergency rescue guy is still fighting a case cos his daughter's gruesome fatal crash snaps were posted on the web, with taglines like she deserved it...guess by now u agree, rite?Ignorance is indeed bliss....but not all headlines are scary...some add the one about the Latino banker butted out of her job, cos her male colleagues cudnt handle the hot pants and skirts she wore to happened rite in the Big Apple and none other than Citigroup is invloved....well its being hotly contested by the employer...or the guy who accidently shot his own genitals....apparently he had placed a gun inside his pants...OMG! thats really the pits and indeed scary!