Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hooked up ???

gosh... can't imagine life without internet. World Wide Web has changed my lappie is always on and am connected 24 x7 , 365 days ...well, tht's exaggeration ;)

've u ever thought how life would be without these networking sites .... myspace, facebook ,Twitter, orkut ???? yea ?

a day without online chatting ? well, thts all thts happening these days. Guess i need to get some immediate medical attention for this new disorder - internet addiction disorder. wat ye say ? by the way tell me do ye all spend too much time online ? and wat do ye think is the reason for this addiction ? i think it's social interactions thts makign it so addicting. i spend time with my friends exchanging information, support, and chit-chat . But then would we ever characterize any time spent in the real world with friends as "addicting?" Of course not. Don't we talk on the phone for hours on end, with people we see everyday ? Do we say they are addicted to the telephone? Of course not. People lose hours at a time, immersed in a book, ignoring friends and family, and often not even picking up the phone when it rings. Do we say they are addicted to the book? Of course not. So ...guess there is no need to create all this hoopla about a new diagnosis.

By the time i sort out this problem, let sunday clear away the rust of the whole week. enjoy ur day :).

god bless !!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mother's pet tht U ???


I was sitting down to write a b'day card to you
I was searching my heart for the right words
And I realized tht there r not enough words to express my feelings

From the moment I conceived you
You 've been the treasure of my heart
You are my son, my dearest one
The best I can ever have.

I'm a proud mother
'coz you r my son
and I love u so much !!!

God Bless You Darling Baby :)

NB: that's spl b'day pudding for mama's pet.Njoyy !

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Magical evening !!!

We were looking outta the window of our cliff-top hotel room which had the perfect romantic ambiance and then he carried me to the private balcony to enjoy the breathtaking view. Watching the spectacular sunset is truly a magic moment to be shared with the one you love. we stayed there long whispering sweet nothings, listening to some soft music and drinking some good wine. The moonlit starry sky is just amazing, we took a walk along the beach sand holding hands. Trees swaying in the gentle breeze, I could feel the wind blow thr' my hair. We were wrapped in each others' arms. ...........wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggg goes the alarm .....hey good morning to y'all.

Though it took some time outta my sleep, it sure was a worthwhile experience. one perfect dream, hoping to enjoy a perfect sunday :)