Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Win-Win Scenario !

Striking a deal is not an easy job, but for a smart marketing personnel it's not a tough job @ all. Am talking about closing a major corporate deal today. wow !! Not bad, not bad at all ! In the process am learning effective negotiation strategies and influence tactics for every business situation from regular work enviornments to complex deal negotiations. Fighting for a deal is the greatest challenge in marketing. And when ur competent is equally strong, the experience is even more thrilling. Wow guys, i feel on top of the world. What are u waiting for ? U may pat me on my shoulder and appreciate me on a job well done!

Some days are just meant for u....and am proud to be here in the place meant just for me :-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yawn.... a boring day :-)

To my bad luck all the afternoon appointments got cancelled due to various reasons and here am sitting idle at my workplace listening to the rythm of rain outside. Have never felt so boring since I started working here. Ouch ! Thats in response to the huge thunder that just hit the earth. Anyways thanx to the boring day as I could atleast peep into my blog and drop in a line or two after so long. Friends, sorry for the long silence, it was not intentional. It is just that I got busy with work and home. Sorry again !

Oh rain, pls don't go away...You just fell on me and set the writer in me free.
Never knew rain can be so enlightening
The heavy down pour hits not the earth, the heart instead
Made me feel better and rejuvenated
And so rain, thank you for blessing my soul !!!!!

Overall I guess I am glad to have had such a boring day, so tht I cud bore you guys with my writing :-)