Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Japanese Wife

The first time u met....the first outing ..holding of hands....looking in the eyes...and the thrill of a joyride...the countless phone calls....and u juz cant wait for the D-DAY!!so how can anyone wait 15years...that too to meet ur wife for the first ime???oh talking abt "The Japanese Wife", Aparna Sen's latest movie starring Rahul Bose.......based on a short story by Kunal Bose, its the tale of a Bengali man who exchange wedding vows with his Japanese penpal and they continue to exchange letters for 15yrs!!!Enter the scene a young widow and her child and the rest is about the change in the hero after he gets first glimpse of family can 2 people, who have never met, remain apart for such a long time and still be in love??that too in this age of webcams and MMS??only if they are in PANDORA!!!i mean u wud catch the first flight, rite??now u know why the wife's Japanese!!she aint easy catch!!so how they sustained their love??what did they exchange in their letters??well my guess is abt world war-II and atom bombs....dream on.........

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy B'Day Chweetheart !

Happy Birthday Darling
I don't always tell you,
and I LOVE YOU !
May the sun always shine on u
And the ray of the sun reaching u
decorate ur life with good health,
happiness & success.

Always be the STAR that shines BRIGHT !!!

Lotsa kisses 'n hugs ....ur chweetiepie (wait 4 my call !!!!! )

Dad, Happy B'day to you.....Love U ! Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... ur cutiepie :-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Kama" yogi

Thought have seen the last of them....but guess thats juz wishful thinking!!Another guru caught in bed with a tollywood starlet(acted in mallu superhits too) is the latest 24X7 channel news! Even though still to be confirmed if the guru is the real one or juz a reel one, the broadcast of it on all major channels really tells u that what sells best is the er...three letter word!!I mean do they show this so that people are more cautious...bull......they juz want more TRP!!Well cant blame them. So wat u think ??wat punishment to be given to the said karmic??Well one of our minsters told a certain punishment..but er...cant find words to translate...BuT its more prudent to punish all those folks who worship such people...when are they gonna learn???IS it some kinda fantasy they cherish to be with such people??why they are willing to prostrate b4 such "mahapurushs"??is it cos they are able to provide divine interventions??well looks like the only lessons they can provide is from KamaSutra!!